She points piano fingers up towards the coal black sky

and holds them there forever ‘til they curl like leaves and I can feel

A taste of recognition in the face of this last friend and there’s

A sense of soft coalition but like everything it fades away

In a name and warm in this soft white heaven pure and cool in this soft white skin

To take a choice from this list of heads and wear them out ‘til there’s nothing left

and I feel like slipping under, and I feel like sliding in this time

I feel like saying something just to show, I was here,


Before the name count

and her hands have touched me one thousand times

and her eyes don’t blink cos her eyes are mine

and her words have trickled soft down my throat

Like a cool hard water like beads of sweat

Like a something nameless I ain’t had

Like a brand new promise like a brand new friend

Completed filled and obligated

Here and now, here and now

Name count
Before the name count

She said gimme something real give me something true

She said gimme something real gimme something you
She said

Gimme something I can hold on to in the night

Give me some thing precious in the cold dawn light she said

Everybody’s happy now they’re so damn clever

Everybody’s happy just as long as they’re together

Every body’s happy with the ever and the ever

Everybody’s happy with a lifetime of forever


Before the name count 

Quand il y a rien à dire, quand il y a rien à sentir

Quand il y a rien à faire, ouvre ta bouche pour moi

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