Heading 5

Like a Machine

Step across the silver line
where cheap life rents under shimmering lights.

Beneath this idol every mirror lies the same.

Falling in between the rush,

Of adrenalin fear to the warm wet crush.

And no-one talks they float around

And hold their willowed arms about

Their frail and slender hips and watching

I can feel the soft flesh spring.

Pure excitement - Like a machine…


And they come to me all dressed like kill

With open mouths that beg for gagging

Yesterday’s eclectic children

All grown up and moved away.

So safe, with pure detachment

Take the chair and fall down dumb beside

Here, I have hungered,

I have waited far too long


Blood enticement - Like a machine…


And I feel closer now to God

This bitter air tastes pure

And I don’t understand the question

But I understand the why.

And gazing from this useless room

Beyond the shadow of the morning,

Underneath the green and blue

The only face I know shines through…

Like a machine

In the machine

Like a machine

In the machine


And I will sleep alone tonight

In the machine…

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