This LP was compiled from three sessions recorded by the band and was

produced by Claire Shearsby, sound engineer and DJ at the legendary 'Phono' night club.

'Merciful Release' chose the tracks and mastered it
up, releasing it in conjunction with'Rough Trade Germany' in 1994

As well as drawing influence from the existing drum-machine bands of Leeds, singer Andrew had also worked as a Roadie for 'MDMA' and toured with them as they supported 'The Shamen', so was watching the beginnings of the rock/rave cross over.

The band toured Europe twice to promote the LP. It wasn't high on Rough Trades' Agenda but did well enough.

Despite demoing a number of songs,
La Costa Rasa never recorded a second LP.

Andrew Mills - Guitar/ Vocals / Programming
Jason Armstrong - Bass
David de Bruyker - Guitar
Claire Shearsby - Live and Studio Sound


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